Doja Dam is a community bridge between Web 3 and cannabis culture. We will utilize our network between Web3, Cannabis, Fashion, and the Music industry to become a global brand. Baked Beavers are a collection of 8400 unique hand-drawn, meticulously crafted Beavers ready to make an impact on the stigma around NFTs and Marijuana use. You will find various nationalities and languages in the Dam, making it a place for everyone. Through streetwear merchandise, gamified tokenomics, and a team full of pioneers, the sky is the limit for what we can bring to the Solana ecosystem.


The Baked Beavers Holders consist of 8400 one-of-a-kind, creative, and passionate community members. Acquiring one of these Beavers represents your choice and compassion to support an initiative that goes beyond the typical perspective of embracing a change. As a Baked Beaver holder, you will become a part of a narrative meant to shed light on the injustice and contradictions that flow throughout the Cannabis world. We've been called to innovation, humility, growth, education, unity, and the desire to be builders in the space for years to come. Help us be the change you want to see.


$WERK Accepted Here

Form partnerships with respectable dispensaries in major cities to allow $WERK token to be used and Baked Beaver products to be sold.

Raffle Marketplace

Baked Beavers will host auctions for WL spots and notable NFT’s using $WERK.

Growing the Community

The Baked Beavers team will utilize the festival scene to grow the community with merchandise pop ups.


Baked Beavers will launch their online E-Commerce store for holders only to purchase Merch and to further grow the brand.


The munchies will play a vital role in our staking and evolution process. More info at a later date.


Weird things are happening to Beavers in this area.


Welcome to the Doja Dam, where you can let your Beaver explore the Dam like never before. You'll be able to send your Beaver on exotic missions where the Beaver and/or friends will "HotBox" their way there. Once they return, their pockets will be loaded with tons of $WERK. This $WERK will play a pivotal role in the Doja Dam Ecosystem; without $WERK, your Beaver will miss out on fantastic rewards that $WERK helps you acquire. This is a bit much to explain via this page, so click HERE to see the full work-up and breakdown of our $WERK tokenomics.

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